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suntree brewing co.

Suntree Brewing Company is a craft beer brewery that pairs their craft beer with an adventurous lifestyle.


Keith Baird
Fit Varat



Creative Process

Suntree wanted to highlight their relationship and pairing of their beer with an adventurous lifestyle. Our creative team shot a variety of different photo and a blog-style video incorporating the ethos of Suntree; friendship, experiencing new things, and looking through the frame of those who enjoy life to the fullest.

Project DETails

Our team went on a journey with the Suntree Brewing team, capturing incredible moments during a spearfishing trip in Kanchanaburi. 

The objective behind the shoot was to shoot in vlog style, highlighting the best moments of the trip. Suntree Brewing Co’s brand motto is “Savor This Moment” and we made sure to document as many instances that were breathtaking as possible.

The result is a vlog-style commercial targeting millenniall adventurers and thrill-seekers. Deliberately keeping the production low budget instilled a more intimate viewer experience.

Photo & Video

What Happened After

Suntree Brewing Company was thrilled with results. The video is now first in a multi-part series documenting the cofounder’s journeys in Thailand and inspiring an audience interested in those moments that go best with an ice cold IPA.

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