It Starts With Comprehensive Market Research and Data Analysis

All of our campaigns begin with utilizing the data we compile as an agency in addition to doing research into your specific vertical. We analyze hundreds of ads, websites, and brands to determine what works best and what we shouldn’t waste time or money on.

Utilization of Ad Performance Into Content Development

We don’t just use ad performance data strictly for ads. It’s reflected in the type of content we post on your social media accounts, email marketing, and landing pages. We make sure that every $ being spent on advertising and content marketing is not going to waste, but is in fact used to develop better content that consumer’s in your market appreciate.

Campaign Alterations Based on Monthly Reporting

Our entire marketing team is involved in monthly reporting, analyzing the performance of each advertisement from the time it was scheduled to its placement, to the adjustments made in creative or copy. We compile this information in our report and provide it to all our clients, and we begin the next campaign with as much information as possible to further increase ROAS.

Content Scaling Based on Performance

We implement our findings into a data-driven advertising campaign and content marketing plan. The structure of our marketing campaigns are a pyramid. We test a variety of different audiences, ad placements, and behaviors in the beginning, and quickly make adjustments based on performance. At the tip of the pyramid, we’ve established a premiere audience based on constant analysis and adjustments to our ads. We then develop another period and allocate a larger percentage of your ad budget to this premiere audience, increasing your chance for a great ROAS.

Let’s Work Together

We want to ship it with you. Send us an email and let us know how you’re doing, what you’re thinking, and what you need help with.