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Case Study 
Red Cliff Coffee

Red Cliff Coffee is an artisanal small-batch coffee roaster located in Northern Thailand.


Keith Baird
Daniel Sofr


Performance Marketing

Creative Process

Red Cliff Coffee wanted a complete revamp of their online experience. Ship It Digital consulted with them and determined that the development of a brand video encapsulating all of the value propositions of Red Cliff, as well as supplementary, 30 second videos to use specifically for advertising. In addition, Red Cliff’s website was redesigned, and an email marketing campaign to inform customers of the new and improved branding.

Project DETails

Our team started off by developing photography and video on-site at Red Cliff’s plantation in the hills of Northern Thailand. The photography and video was then implemented into Red Cliff’s website and social media.

The branding and redesign took a total of one month, and the performance marketing campaign is ongoing.

Ship It Digitals advertising strategy was to attract a new audience of online coffee shoppers not previously exposed to Red Cliff, and to develop a lookalike audience targeting there existing customer database.

The first month of advertising required targeting both new audiences and reaching out to existing customer’s to showcase the improved branding through photography and video. A lookalike audience was developed with a 1% similarity, targeting a coffee-loving audience who exhibited similar behaviors and interests to Red Cliff’s 2000 previous customers.

Month 2 utilized the data obtained and the interest gathered to create a conversion campaign. Targeting was done on video viewers who viewed 50%, 75%, and the entirety of the video, as they seemed most interested in the branding.

What Happened After

Email marketing, coupled with a conversion campaign resulted in a 35% increased in revenue in comparison to the previous year. A new Thai audience was developed displaying huge interest in Red Cliff, and email signups increased 10% in comparison to the previous month. Red Cliff’s campaign is still ongoing with us.

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