Arbour Hotel & Residence Pattaya

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Arbour Hotel & Residence Pattaya is a luxury hotel located in the beautiful city of Pattaya. Through an agency partnership with QUO Global, they are using Ship It Digital to drive traffic to their booking engine through Facebook ads, in addition to ongoing social media content.

We were handed to Arbour through our marketing partner QUO Global to provide high quality photo and video content for web, and for a three month advertising campaign.

COVID-19 made it an incredibly challenging ordeal, trying to navigate changes in travel restrictions along with generally apprehensive tourists.

With a spend of roughly 350,000THB we were able to 6x in terms of ROI, capitalizing on the “rao tio duay gan” promotion the government was offering to incentivize travel. Offering mid-week room rate promotions, complimentary spa packages, and welcome drinks as additional incentive helped tremendously in grabbing travelgoers.

In addition, we incorporated a monthly influencer campaign, bringing in vloggers, content creators, and travel influencers to provide additional content, as well as target their followers promotional Facebook ads.

Our process behind advertising was to utilize 30-60 second branded videos, highlighting the value pillars of accommodation, food & beverage, activities to do around Pattaya, and customer experience.

The campaign was a success, and we successfully navigated through a hotel launch during COVID-19.


We’re very pleased with the photo and video work done by the Ship It Digital team.

Arbour Hotel

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